How to use “Auto IV Calc”

Select a screenshot to easily calculate your Pokemon’s IV.

1. Make a screenshots of the pokemon

chokechai Termhirunyapong - imageHow to make screenshot (by Apple support)

2. Open This app
3. Select a screenshot

スクリーンショット 2016-08-16 22.32.22

4. The app automatically calcurates IV

By the Image recognition in offline.


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  1. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    When trying to enter information manually I cannot enter the level

  2. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Screen shot not supported for iPhone X max

  3. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    I pay for the premium package and it has not been working and has been saying not available yet

  4. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Where is the download link for this app?