How to use “Auto IV Calc”

Select a screenshot to easily calculate your Pokemon’s IV.

1. Make a screenshots of the pokemon

chokechai Termhirunyapong - imageHow to make screenshot (by Apple support)

2. Open This app
3. Select a screenshot

スクリーンショット 2016-08-16 22.32.22

4. The app automatically calcurates IV

By the Image recognition in offline.


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  1. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    I have changed to use an iPhone X from IPhone 6 Plus recently, the camera could not do the IV calculation by the reason of invalid screenshot! Please tell me how to fix it.

  2. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Shiny swinblu keeps getting evaluated as pidgey

  3. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Many newly released Pokémon do not have move sets available. The app defaults to “splash and struggle” as the only choice. Not really working for all Pokémon.

  4. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Pokémon level stays at 15 and doesn’t come up with any other level option numbers very frustrating! Especially when you’ve manually put in all the other options manually

  5. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Can’t set level in order to manually enter info to receive IV.

  6. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Screenshots in iOS 11 are “invalid” – app is unusable as is. Apple and Niantic could be behind this trying to prevent 3rd party “helper apps”…

  7. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    It says all of my screenshots are invalid photos so I can’t even use this app anymore.

  8. より:

    Starting to loose faith. My Raikuo that was a 96 at 20, is now an 82 after level him to 29

  9. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    No option to change the level or moves for some Pokémon

  10. Allen より:

    I wish I could edit the move set so I can compare options for using the new TM modules.

  11. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    missing moves:
    ariados [shadow sneak],
    haunter [shadow punch],
    misdreavus [shadow sneak].

    overall, awesome app. love it. thank you so much for your hard work. keep it up. 🙂

  12. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    It really sucks that family members on the same Family Sharing can’t use one subscription. Pokémon Go is great to get the family outside exercising together, and I would gladly upgrade to a pro membership if we all had access to it.

  13. Mr. Wong より:

    I will to cancel the $8 payment per every month

  14. Abe in DC より:

    Misdreavus does not have the right moveset — the app has “struggle” instead of “shadow sneak.”