Release ver.1.0.2: Support iPhone5, iPhone5C and display zoom in Plus!

Please update & review!


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  1. Craig より:

    Was the most awesome Iv app until latest update. Please fix as this was 100% and the only one out there that you could depend on

  2. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Latest update with advertisements has thrown off the imported photo dimensions. Remove ads please.

  3. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    How can I change the Language to English ?

  4. Read Error より:

    Just uncovered a massive problem. Just after this most recent upgrade that fixes bugs, 8/10 Pokemon I screenshot in Pokemon Go gets the “Read Error” screen. This only happened with the Nidoran (understandable) prior to the update. Please fix!!!

  5. Giantfish56 より:

    Great app but there’s some problem with the level
    For instance, my magikarp was Level 12 ( manually checked),but the app identify it to level 11 automatically!!
    Hope you solve this problem ASAP.

  6. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:


  7. Logam より:

    Awesome, thanks for this app. It’s getting better and better.

    Can you separate Battle IV?
    It’s important to know if a Pokémon has a very good Attack IV but poor Defense IV.

    (as Battle IV = Attack IV + Defense IV)

    Thanks for this beautiful app

  8. Ygl より:

    I really love the app now that it has auto recognition 😀 Thank you!!
    A few suggestions:
    Can you make it access the most recently used album? I always have to unnecessarily click once to open Camera Roll and choose photo. It would be nice to not have to do that. Better yet, add an option to automatically pull up the latest screenshot photo in Camera Roll after switching to/opening the app.
    Swipe on the currently loaded photo to the next/previous photo.
    Add IV rating history.
    Batch-rate IV from multiple photos.

  9. Man of Kent より:

    Great app but can’t get it to rate either of my Mr Mime Pokemon

  10. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Hi! Amazing work! I want to suggest that you take out the alert windows telling you how to check things. The first time it’s very helpful but after that it gets annoying having to shut the window every time something is readed wrong from the picture. Maybe just have a help button? Or just show it a couple of times and then take it out? It’s a step less to check iv’s and I’m sure people will appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

  11. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    German names please

  12. Jan より:

    Thanks for making this awesome app!

    I’m having problem with pokemon level accuracy. My trainer level is 26, the maximum level of my pokemon should be 27.5.
    That being said, out of the 5 maxed out pokemon that I have tested, only one shows an accurate level of 27.5, the rest are displayed at 28. Thus giving an inaccurate IV rating.

    Hope to see this app to improve!

  13. Fabrice より:

    French name please?

  14. エミリー より:

    This app is really nice and thank you for your hard work! 本当にありがとうございます❗️

    • エミリー より:

      Have a question about ranking. I used both this new app and the previous version on the same picture. All calculated values are the same, only the ranking generated are different. The previous version gave me a “C” whereas this new one gave me a “D”. Checked on several other pictures, same thing happened. So, which ranking should I go? Not sure if this help, I am using iPhone 6.

  15. SevgiliXD より:

    Thank you very to doing all these, however there is a small problem with Pokemon LV count.
    A upgrade a Pokemon to LV 6 form LV 1 myself, but it count it is LV 6.5, and my trainer is LV 16.
    I think it will be better that we can adjust trainer LV ourselves.
    By the way, my phone is iPhone 6 Plus.