[ver.1.2.0] Error Reporting

Hi everyone,

I have updeted a new version[1.2.0].
However, it does not work.
I’m sorry, I have to fix now.
It will work well in the next update.
Just a moment please.



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  1. Benz より:

    CP update again. Thanks for your hard work. Waiting for next update.

  2. SH より:

    Good morning Horiuchi san,

    The auto IV calc ver 1.5.0 can not manul adjust the scale to match the monter’s arc. Please fix. Many thanks.

    • 作者 より:

      oh… thanks for your comment.
      I’m sorry to trouble you.
      I have confirmed the problem. I will fix it in next update soon.

      as Alternative proposal,
      You can use manual app with “to manual app” button.


  3. so good app より:

    Update to a new version. It’s worked now.thanks a lot.

  4. nice app より:

    It is good app .but no read pokemon name now. Pervious version is better

  5. name unkonwn より:

    No Pokemon name read…

  6. Aryam より:

    Yeah last update screwed up name recognition. Is it me or did it change screenshot positioning? You forgot about name positioning or size maybe? Only short names get recognized.
    Best free app store app there is! Graet job! Hope you fix this as soon as possible. Please return recofgnition. Manual operating takes way too long! :p

  7. why より:

    After update Can not read almost Pokemon name

  8. Lo より:

    Caterpie name can not be recognized

  9. Lulo より:

    Hello, if you could bring the other version just until the new one comes up, that would be great
    Thank you!

  10. Iago より:

    Its not working on my Victreebel cp 106 stardust 200 hp 28

  11. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    After update App can’t read pokemon name anymore. My phone is Iphone5.

  12. Dmcxiii より:

    Hi, if can please bring the previous version back, it working fine with iphne 6 plus zoom.