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How to use “Offline IV Calc”

How to use “Auto IV Calc”

How to check Pokemon’s level manually

Errors about Image Recognition

How to read Pokemon Level from Arc

Two points to get the correct IV result

How to change language

=> Setting your language from “Lang (言語設定) in Selecting Pokemon”


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  1. -Icarba2482 Thanks! より:

    New update?

  2. -Icarba2482 Thanks! より:

    I wanted to request another look at the results as in I capture a Pokémon like let’s say ratatta and I snapshot and swing over to check it out… I select and results but in Pokémon go it says “B” rating which I’ve come to understand some “C+” ratings get tossed in… but I’ve checked and “not poewered up” as I just caught it gives a “.5” result so I change to “powered up” to check and boom “B” result sometimes of course not always… Which is correct? Since usually freshly caught is “not powered up” right?

  3. TrainerLee より:

    The trainer’s level button has been removed from the new update. The app used to work fine and accurate but since the update, i cant get the correct value without a trainer’s level. Hope it comes back in the next update. Anyway, the app was great.

  4. 蓮和 より:


  5. 匿名_(┐「ε:)_ より:

    Hi, when viewing the move sets the ad keeps getting in the way… is there any way your could adjust it?

    Many thanks!

  6. Benz より:

    Hi, I have same problem. the photo cannot be shown in the preview on iPad, thanks for your great work.

  7. Musigny より:

    Hi, the photo cannot be shown in the preview on iPad mini, hope you can have a try. Bravo for your great work! Thank you.